7 Day At Home Yoga Challenge


The challenge is pretty simple: do 20 minutes of yoga every day at the comfort of your home and at your own pace for the next 7 days. The point is to practice yoga in your everyday life.


The goal for this yoga challenge is to 

  • develops the discipline of doing the yoga/exercise 
  • strengthen your body and your mind
  • improve posture
  • have more energy
  • be more positive and present
  • stretch your body
  • get out of your comfort zone

7 Day Yoga routine

A yoga routine for each day of the week! 

Day 1 – Morning Yoga (20 min)

On this day we will start with some basic yoga practice. We will kick start our 1st day with a gentle flow covering poses for spine flexibility, some side bend followed by chest and shoulder opening poses.

Day 2 – Stretch Your body (17 min)

This 17 minutes full-body deep stretch flow will involve moving your body in every range of motion, and then holding the pose for few breaths. This will helps in lengthening your muscles and improving your flexibility. 

Day 3 – Yoga for flexibility (21 min)

Well, it certainly takes a lot of time, practice, and patience to be flexible. What’s better than doing yoga to cover all these 3 things.  Regular yoga practice increases your body’s flexibility and strength, while it also works toward inner peace and calming the mind.

Day 4 –  Yoga for lower body (20 min)

Tight hips, hamstrings, stiff lower back can bring challenges in our daily routine. This flow will include some standing pose which will help in stretching and lengthen muscles of the lower body and also few twisting asanas which will release the tension from the lower back.

Day 5 –  Full body Flow (17min) 

This will be a full-body energetic flow that will help in stretching and strengthening different parts of your body, improving your range of motion. So roll out your yoga mat and get ready to sweat! 

Day 6 – Yoga for strength (15min)

You don’t always think about balance when you think about strength, but in yoga, building strength comes with the ability to control your body. Balancing moves can be challenging sometimes. Leg strength, upper body flexibility, and the ability to balance on one leg are all required to complete the sequence for day 6. The key of this flow is for you is to take your time, breathe and focus, to help keep your balance in this flow.

Day 7 – Yoga for relaxation (17min)

With continuous 6 days of deep yoga flow, its time to relax and rejuvenate. The 7th day will included relaxing and gentle poses to relieve tension and promoting a sense of calm and peace. This sequence will help you to relax and restore the mind and body.

I hope you will enjoy the yoga videos and that you’ll feel stronger and calmer when you finish the challenge in a week.Don’t stop at 7 days! Keep the weekly routine going.

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